Workplace Rehabilitation Services

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Perceptive Health is a leading workplace rehabilitation provider that assists injured workers, insurers, claims agents, and employers achieve sustainable recovery at work. 

At Perceptive Health, our allied health professionals have extensive experience across a range of disciplines, and we understand the critical importance of individually tailored workplace rehabilitation services. By delivering targeted solutions, we ensure the best possible results for each client. Our approach is outcome-focused, with clear objectives to maximise worker and employer benefits. 

Choose Perceptive Health: Your Workplace Rehabilitation Provider

When you partner with our Perceptive Health team, you access: 

The Latest Technology

Perceptive Health utilises the latest technology to deliver best-practice rehabilitation solutions. Our focus is on achieving sustainable return-to-work outcomes. By choosing our workplace rehabilitation services, you get a strong partnership prioritising lasting recovery.

Evidence-Based Strategies

Our commitment to excellence as a workplace rehabilitation provider is grounded in evidence-based literature. We implement proven methods to ensure the effectiveness of our services.

Comprehensive Support

We provide innovative, extensive and award-winning workplace rehabilitation support services, designed to address the specific needs of each stakeholder involved. Whether you're an employer looking to manage workplace injuries or an insurer or claims agent wanting to achieve sustainable rehabilitation, Perceptive Health has the expertise and resources to meet your needs.

Return to Work Services

The goal of any workplace rehabilitation service is a swift and sustainable return to work. Perceptive Health's return-to-work services support this transition smoothly and efficiently, ensuring workers can reintegrate into their roles safely.

At Perceptive Health, we aim to lessen the effects of work-related injuries and illnesses and ensure workers return to their roles safely and sustainably. This strategy underscores the vital role that workplace rehabilitation providers like us play in facilitating effective recovery and reintegration for workers. We are poised to drive state and national advancements through our innovative return-to-work services.

Workplace Rehabilitation Support Services

Perceptive Health offers a comprehensive range of workplace rehabilitation services to facilitate sustainable return-to-work processes. 

Our return-to-work services include:

  • Recover at work (same and new employer).
  • Treating doctor case conferencing.
  • Medical / case management for complex claims.
  • Rehabilitation planning.
  • Early intervention assessment.
  • Functional assessment.
  • Workplace assessment.
  • Job task analysis.
  • Vocational assessment.
  • Vocational counselling.

Our allied health professionals have extensive experience across a range of disciplines. We utilise the latest technology and virtual tools, which allow services to be provided more efficiently, to free up our professional team so they can spend more time with clients and provide exceptional service for our customers.

Workplace Rehabilitation Services Backed by National Standards

Perceptive Health's services align with the Principles of Practice for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers set by the Heads of Worker's Compensation Authorities (HWCA). This ensures our services are consistent nationwide and focus on customer satisfaction. 

Additionally, we support the Realising the Health Benefits of Good Work Consensus Statement, which acknowledges the positive impact of good work on health and well-being. Our commitment to these standards means we deliver high-quality workplace rehabilitation services, promoting individual health and workplace productivity.

Empowering Employers and Workers

Our award-winning workplace rehabilitation provider services extend beyond mere recovery support. We empower employers and workers with the knowledge and tools necessary for a safer workplace, fostering an environment where health and safety are paramount.

Want to stop workplace injuries before they occur? Contact us for an ergonomic assessment or workplace injury prevention services to protect your workers.

Experts in Workplace Rehabilitation Support Services

Perceptive Health's team of rehabilitation consultants includes highly skilled physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists, registered nurses, and rehabilitation counsellors experienced in workplace health, occupational rehabilitation, and complex injury management. We offer face-to-face and virtual services throughout NSW, with selected services available in the ACT and QLD. 

We efficiently assess client needs using advanced tools to identify and address any risks and barriers. This proactive approach aids recovery and reintegrating individuals into their daily roles.

A Partner in Workplace Health

Choose Perceptive Health as your go-to workplace rehabilitation provider. With our comprehensive approach to injury prevention, management, and rehabilitation, we ensure that your workforce remains resilient and productive.

Engage with us today to build a healthier tomorrow.