Award-Winning Rehabilitation Provider

We support employers and people who have experienced a disruption to their wellbeing - whether through a personal or work related injury. We provide sincere, empathetic and tailored support to meet your specific needs and to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our services include:

  • Recover at work (same and new employer)
  • Case management (including medical and complex injury management)
  • Workplace health (including training such as manual handling)
  • One-off assessments (including functional pre-employment screenings)
  • We provide both in-person and telehealth services across NSW, ACT and QLD.

    Workplace Rehabilitation

    We support sustainable return to work after injury.

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    person in wheelchair
    Complex Injury Management

    We support return to life following serious injury.

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    workplace health
    Workplace Health

    We offer a range of injury prevention services.

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    One-off Assessments

    We perform assessments to determine client needs.

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    Our Approach

    rehabilitation counselling
    Individually tailored

    We recognise that in health and rehabilitation we need to provide targeted services in order to get best results for each client.

    Outcome focused

    We know that setting clear objectives up front leads to better results for clients and their employers.


    Our compassionate and dedicated staff empower each client to engage in all aspects of their life, which leads to improved outcomes and wellbeing.

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